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Mets should be targeting a player with a higher OBP

MIAMI, FL - JULY 17: Cesar Hernandez
MIAMI, FL - JULY 17: Cesar Hernandez

Ken Rosenthal blessed Mets twitter this morning on Hot Stove, with a few more details about the Jay Bruce deal.

I have no doubt, that Ken read my open letter to him and had a change of heart over Mets Twitter. And to that I say, you’re welcome. He also provided a bit more insight into what their next move should be looking at going forward:

It seems like he’s hinting at the fact that it’s not likely they’ll go ahead and sign Mike Moustakas or Todd Frazier. Though maybe that was already assumed considering the great deal that they were able to get on Bruce.

As I optimistically predicted, they surprised us. Not in the way that I thought they would, but still with a solid move that improves that line up offensively.

Who’s on first?

If the Mets are looking for some middle infielders with an OBP on the higher end, they should keep Cesar Hernandez in mind. Not only, would Hernandez make a solid second baseman for the Mets, he’s got an OBP of .373. Which is definitely on the higher end.  Josh Harrison and Starlin Castro, both almost have the same OBP at .339 and .338 respectively.

It was mentioned earlier in the offseason that the Mets might have interest in acquiring Hernandez from the Phillies, but those rumors seemed to have been squashed pretty early. I’m sure the Mets would have to give up some of their pitching depth for the Phillies to trade Hernandez within their own division. Especially since they’re only growing closer to competing in the NL East with each passing year.

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I know some will still say it’s not likely, but remember when we were writing all those articles about how Jay Bruce wasn’t going to return?