Mets: Noah Syndergaard came to flex out west

By Christina Cola

Around New Year’s Eve  Noah Syndergaard had tweeted that he was going to be in LA for a little while.

And despite my tweets to him to stop by and visit me, he has yet to return my messages. He’s just playing it cool I’m sure.

While it’s nice that he’s reassured us he hasn’t been traded to the Dodgers, I can imagine most Mets fans nearly swallowed their tongue when this tweet followed a few days later:

It’s badass and fun. But I think I speak for most of us when I say, “I swear to God if you are the first Met to land themselves on the DL because of a snake-related injury…”

All joking aside, Syndergaard seems to feel great and ready to take on the new year. According to David Adler of, Thor was in So-Cal helping Red’s prospect Hunter Greene at his Inglewood Baseball camp. In Adler’s piece, Syndergaard was quoted saying:

"“Arm feels great. Never really felt better. My body’s never felt better. I realized how jacked up my body was last year, and I’ve been working extra hard to make sure it’s loose and it’s limber and as mobile as it can possibly be.”"

This is perhaps some of the best news Mets fans are yet to hear from their ace this offseason. Just knowing that he has changed his approach to training is reassuring. The man went from building himself into a colossus to trying to transform himself into a human whip. And the more of Noah’s arm that functions like a lethal slingshot, the better.

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It’s great to see Syndergaard so positive. Especially since these past three months have been nothing but a spiraling nightmare for Mets fans. But hey, if our ace is feeling good about the year to come, then all I have to say is “In Thor we trust.”