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Mets: The case for Andrew Cashner

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Starting pitcher Andrew Cashner
ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Starting pitcher Andrew Cashner /

Happy New Year! The Mets have still yet to do anything on the free agent market!

I know we’re all sitting here, waiting with baited breath for the Mets to make that middle infield signing. And while it’s not on their “to-do” list to pick up another starter, I wonder that if they keep waiting it out, they could pick up someone for a relatively affordable price.

The man in particular that comes to mind is Andrew Cashner. According to, right now the Orioles are the old team that are directly linked to possibly signing Cashner.  But it seems that those talks have been relatively quiet for the most part. I doubt we’ll see Cashner move before Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta. Which I’m hoping will give the Mets some time to think about what a great idea it would be to pick up another pitcher for the back end of their rotation.

Cashing in

Cashner finished the year with some decent numbers in Texas. A 3.40 ERA on the seasons despite the dip in his strikeout rate. But that’s okay! The Mets don’t need any more “strikeout or nothing” type pitchers. That’s what Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom are for! Let them worry about throwing fire down the middle of the plate.  Cashner has a 48.6 ground ball percentage. Which is pretty good at nearly 50%. The Mets could use a solid guy like that to anchor that back end of the rotation in case Matt Harvey implodes or Steven Matz inevitably ends up back on the DL. Cashner started 28 games last year for the Rangers which is more than what some of the Mets rotation can say for themselves in the past two seasons.

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I understand that this is mostly a pipedream seeing as the Mets have already made it very clear that they like their rotation as is. But if the price seems right, (though what is a right price for the Mets going forward? Free?) they shouldn’t sleep on it. All stats aside, maybe I think it would just seem aesthetically cool to have a big beard in that rotation amongst all those long locks.