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Mets: Could Todd Frazier come to Queens?

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Todd Frazier
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Todd Frazier

As we near the end of 2017, the Free Agent market is starting to wear a bit thin.

It’s likely that the Mets, should they ever decide to sign one of these remaining free agents, will do so in the new year. They need to. Start 2018 with a deal that keeps fans from spiraling deeper into the pit of despair.

Todd Frazier is still one of those bigger names out there floating in a sea of potential free agents. While the Yankees would like to re-sign him, it looks like they may finally be done throwing their money around. Frazier is apparently looking for a multiyear deal, which just may be the breaking point for a team just flying below the luxury tax.

Is “The Toddfather” fit for Queens?

Would the Mets be the type to give Frazier this deal? If we’re being realistic, probably not. The only motive I could think of for the Mets to actually spend some money on Frazier is because the Wilpons will somehow view this as a slap in the face to the Yankees. Which it won’t be, it would honestly be doing them a favor.

If the Mets did sign him to a multiyear deal, they get the third baseman they’ve been fumbling around in the dark for since David Wright disappeared. Frazier actually fits well in the Mets line up. He only hit .213 on the year last season but with 27 home runs and an OPS of .772. It goes nicely with the Mets offensive structure of the past few years which seems to be “all the home runs, or no runs at all!”

Defensively he finished the year at third with a .959 fielding percentage. Just slightly below Asdrubal Cabrera‘s .962 fielding percentage in the hot corner. The difference isn’t drastic enough to cause concern. Frazier also provides an option for the Mets at first as well if they feel Dominic Smith isn’t ready. Though I’m still hoping that’s not the case.

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Sure, there are still plenty of names left on that free agent list.  Jay Bruce, Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, etc.  But it’s not likely that the Mets will drop money on them. At this point, if they could get a deal done and keep the don in New York. It would at least be better than nothing.