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Mets: Jay Bruce not likely to return

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 02: Jay Bruce
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 02: Jay Bruce

Bye, Bye Bruce!

Though it probably should come to anyone’s real surprise, it’s becoming extremely unlikely that Jay Bruce will make that come back to the Mets next season. It was just two weeks ago, that we thought there may be a possibility for a reunion in 2018. But according to Henry Schulman, it seems that Bruce has a pretty clear idea in mind of where he’s like to go:

And who wouldn’t be thrilled? The Giants are making some moves this offseason to try and redeem themselves from a disastrous 2017. Unlike the Mets, who continue to remain stagnant. Just this morning it was announced that the Giants have traded for Rays all-star Evan Longoria. Who even at the age of 31 is coming off another consistently good season with Tampa. Say what you will about the team, at least they attempted to make a play for Giancarlo Stanton.

And what are our beloved Metsies up to? Looking at things like Adrian Gonzalez. Why? I still am yet to come up with a reasonable answer for this. Probably because he’s older and broken, and will come at a bargain. And we know the Wilpons love a great bargain.

Curse of the Wilpons

I know that Steve Phillips would like us Mets fans to “empathize” with the Wilpons:

But I’m sorry, we’ve had enough. Wealthy white guys don’t get a badge of honor for not complaining about being slightly less wealthy now. Especially when they’re making an entire fanbase miserable with their lack of moves for this team. It’s no wonder the Mets are never on anyone’s list of “places I’d like to play.”

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Take a page out of the working class playbook for a change. You know what I do when I’ve purchased something I can no longer afford to keep? I sell it.