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Mets: Juan Lagares is looking to impress in 2018

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 17: Juan Lagares
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 17: Juan Lagares

Juan Lagares is looking to be more than just what the Mets will settle for next season

Sure, he’s a gold glove centerfielder. And the Mets could always use that depth defensively. But Lagares wants to prove he’s exactly what the Mets need at the plate as well.

According to the New York Times, Lagares plans to work on his swing this offseason. He’s enlisted the help of some of the best hitting coaches to do it too. Names like Craig Wallenbrock and Robert Van Scoyoc are in the mix. Two men who can be attributed to the rebirth of the career of players like Chris Taylor and J.D. Martinez.

This could be coming just at the right time for the Mets too. Considering it doesn’t seem like they’ll be making any blockbuster moves this offseason. With each day that goes by all signs are pointing to the fact that we have a lot less money than we thought. It would certainly be a bit more uplifting if Lagares arrived at spring training as a brand new hitter at the plate.

In his four years in the majors, Lagares has been a .256 hitter. His best season is still 2014 where he went .281/.321/.382. He’s still young enough to turn things around at the plate and have an explosive second half of his career. Or at the very least, become a valuable trading chip for the Mets down the road.

Just imagine if Juan was able to turn himself into a Chris Taylor type of hitter. Boom. There’s the Mets leadoff guy as well as a gold glove centerfielder. Taylor with the help of those personal hitting coaches was able to turn himself from a .207 hitter into a .288 leadoff man for the Dodgers in just one season. So I’m going to be bold here and dream up that same scenario in my head for Lagares.

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If the Wilpons aren’t going to spend and try and bring in some extra power from other places, it’s at least encouraging to see the Mets mainstays try to improve themselves.