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Mets: Anthony Swarzak wastes no time winning over fans

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 24: Anthony Swarzak
CHICAGO, IL - JULY 24: Anthony Swarzak /

If there’s one thing Mets fans love almost as much as the team itself, it’s probably Seinfeld

Honestly, it’s hard to find any native New Yorker who isn’t a fan of the show. Seinfeld and Mets culture are so intertwined that Keith Hernandez, even named his upcoming autobiography after his famous line from his guest appearance. And of course, it’s no secret that Jerry Seinfeld himself is a huge Mets fan. Few can forget that image of shock and joy on Seinfeld’s face during the NLDS back in 2015, as Cespedes belted a homer.

With Anthony Swarzak officially on his way to Queens, he sent out this tweet last night:

It’s a great way to start his time in New York.  Or “restart” his time in New York I guess you could say. Since he did at one point play for that other evil team in the Bronx. But based on that tweet I can’t help but feel he’s pretty excited about being in orange and blue this time around. Mets Twitter wasted no time giving him a proper greeting as well.

Swarzak then followed that stellar first impression up with the following tweet:

I’m pretty sure Uncle Leo’s expression in that gif is ever Mets fan right now, welcoming Swarzack to his new home. We’re a simple yet passionate group of people. What can I say?

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Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a fun successful season for the Mets. Mickey Callaway already brings such a positive presence to all his interviews thus far. And when he speaks I can’t help but think “Yes. I trust him.” I like the energy that’s surrounding the team even with still two months to go before spring training. Take it as a good sign of things to come Mets fans, it’s usually the happiest we are all year.