Trading Matt Harvey this offseason would be a mistake

By JT. Teran
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The Dark Knight should get one more chance in Gotham

The Mets have reportedly been in contact with a couple of teams about a possible deal for Matt Harvey. The latest rumor even has the Mets talking to the Rangers about Jurickson Profar. Hilarious.

The former front-line starter had his worst season in the major leagues last year and was arguably one of the worst pitchers in all of baseball as well.

The concern is obviously that 2017 wasn’t just a lost year by a player coming off a pretty big surgery in that last offseason, but instead that Harvey has just lost the ability to be a competent pitcher in the bigs. Those that have given up on Harvey see almost no way he comes back to even a respectable status in this his final year before hitting the free agent market.

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The Mets shouldn’t be in that category, though. While it’s true, Harvey looked terrible last season, there are three main reasons why they shouldn’t be looking to trade him — at least not yet.

Trade value is as low as it can get

Coming off a season where Harvey had a ERA, it’s logical that his value in any kind of trade market is almost nonexistent. Any return the Mets could potentially get for him would be pretty bad.

Let’s say the organization decides to hold on to Harvey for at least the beginning of the season. If he’s able to improve his numbers in even a small way from last season, his value will increase. If the Mets really do want a valuable bullpen piece for Harvey, their best bet would be to hold on to him until he can show that has figured it out at least a little bit.

The worst case scenario in this situation would be that Harvey keeps on struggling just as much as last season. If that happens well you end up with pretty much the same return you would have probably gotten earlier.

If the Mets are out of contention come trade deadline, look to flip Harvey then, not now.