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Mets: Is Mitch Moreland on their radar?

By Christina Cola
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Mitch Moreland
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Mitch Moreland /

With just two days left until the winter meetings the Hot Stove is still mostly abuzz with rumors

And according to MLB Trade Rumors, it’s possible that the Mets may also be interested in Mitch Moreland. While it’s likely that the Mets would more actively pursue Adam Lind, I not crazy about having Moreland play first either. He had an underwhelming season in Boston last year batting only .246 and has an OPS of .769.

In 2018 his OPS along with the rest of Moreland’s stats are projected to decline. Putting him with an OBP of .317 and an OPS of .257. While only slugging .440. He is projected to once again hit 22 home runs. But as we’ve seen in the past, the Mets can’t solely rely on the long ball anymore.  They need put some consistent contact hitters in that lineup. Moreland would be nothing but a step backward. They’re better off taking their chances with Smith on their Opening Day roster.

Much like Lind, if the Mets did decide to pick up Moreland, it would only be putting a band-aid on the issue of first base. If they truly wanted a little more pop in the line up they should just go after Eric Hosmer or Carlos Santana. With Ohtani’s signing out of the way now, this will hopefully open the floodgates for some trades to start happening.

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Though I’m always a fan of making a move sooner rather than later. Dee Gordon has already left for Seattle. Which rules out any chance the Mets had at getting new second baseman and leadoff hitter. The Mets need to start making moves soon. At the very least, for those players they know are going to be hard to grab on the open market. Otherwise, players like Moreland and Lind become more of a realistic option for a club that doesn’t need any more band-aids.