Mets aren’t looking to add another starting pitcher

By Christina Cola

Shohei Ohtani made a hard pass on the Mets, but where does that leave the rest of their starting rotation?

As expected I got my hopes up far too high on the Ohtani lottery, only for the Mets to bring me crashing back down into reality. Though it’s not really their fault that he didn’t want to pitch for an east coast team.

However, according to Anthony DiComo, the Mets don’t have any plans to bring on any other starting pitching this winter. Which means it’s unlikely that we’ll see them shopping around for pieces like Lance Lynn or Jake Arrieta. DiComo mentions that they’ll be going the “non-traditional route” when it comes to their rotation. Which is basically what we’ve seen Alderson building for so far. Stocking up on solid arms for the bullpen for when everyone except Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom burns out after 5 innings.

And while it’s easy to hang our heads about this, it may actually be a good thing that the Mets focus on bringing a bit more to their hunt for other position players. The starting rotation has been the centerpiece of the Mets for such a long time that they’ve often neglected taking care of everything else that’s needed for their infield.  My hope is that they’ll head into the winter meetings with their eyes set on nabbing someone like Mike Moustakas, Dee Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, or even Carlos Santana.

I have no doubt that Mickey Callaway and Dave Eiland will work with the pitching depth that we already have. It’s time to see the Mets start making some big moves for that free agent market. Especially if they’re as serious as they say they are about competing in the next year.

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No more scraping the bottom of the barrel for players like Adam Lind or Ian Kinsler. Build this team into something that matches the bite of New York City.