Mets: Could Greg Holland be a bullpen option next season?

By Christina Cola
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 24: Greg Holland
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 24: Greg Holland /

You can never have too much help in the bullpen.

Is exactly what the Mets slogan should be for next season. It was announced this morning that Greg Holland has decided to explore the free agent market next season. While we know the price tag is going to be somewhere in the Kenley Jansen/Aroldis Chapman range, it may be something that the Mets should consider.

Jeurys Familia seems to have been on the steady decline. He didn’t look great in those first few innings after coming off the DL. It’s true that he could just need a bit more time to heal and work his way back to the full-time closer’s role next season. But I noticed that Familia has difficulty thriving under pressure. I’m of course referring to his World Series appearances in 2015 and the Wildcard game in 2016. It’s not exactly comforting to know, that should the Mets make it all the way down the stretch once again, that Familia could be the thing that makes them implode.

Holland looked great this year. He racked up 41 saves and finished the season with a 3.61 ERA. If the Mets truly are going into a “win now” mode in 2018, they’re going to need a high-end closer to do it. A.J. Ramos was definitely a great addition at the end of this year as well. I can’t help but dream up a scenario where Ramos is the setup man, and Holland comes in as the closer.

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If the history of the Mets has taught us anything, it’s that they’re likely to pass on the high price tag if they can find the generic brand in the bargain bin. Regardless, they need to consider stocking up as many good arms as possible in the pen. Especially, with a starting rotation that struggled to go past six or seven innings. It’s never too early to start shopping.