Mets: Is Jose Reyes a virus?

By Christina Cola
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: Jose Reyes /

The Mets problems could have been in the clubhouse this whole time.

In the days after the Mets disastrous injury-plagued season fans have been on the hunt for exactly what caused their downfall. Sure, you could blame the training staff for handling just about everything poorly from day one. But let’s not jump to those conclusions when we have someone in the clubhouse who could have been the start of it all. That’s right. Jose Reyes.

Mets Twitter has been abuzz (four accounts, but we wanted to investigate) with whether or not Jose Reyes has been a literal “virus” or “cancer” to this team. This definitely seems like more of the realistic option.

So we decided to look at the facts. Jose Reyes arrives back on the Mets for their 2016 season. After a National League championship year in 2015, where everything was perfect, and nothing went wrong. Reyes returns to the clubhouse and suddenly, Matt Harvey forgets how to throw a baseball.

Reyes chooses to wear a matching yellow compression sleeve to match Cespedes, and suddenly, the slugger’s legs stop working correctly. Am I saying Reyes is the clubhouse equivalent to polio? In so many words yes, in not so many words, also, yes.

Forget Mike Barwis, forget Ray Ramirez, and forget Noah Syndergaard‘s arrogance in refusing an MRI. These woes of the season have been brought on by a very unlucky number seven: Jose Reyes.

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Facts don’t lie people. If Jose Reyes was never on the team, does Conor Gillespie hit that home run and shatter the Mets postseason dreams? I think we all know the answer is no.   I dare you to find a more solid argument than this for not having Reyes return next season. Then again that’s the thing with viruses. You can’t treat them, they just have to run their course.