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Mets: Brad Ausmus could fill Collin’s spot next season

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 22: Manager Brad Ausmus
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 22: Manager Brad Ausmus

Sandy Alderson is making a list and hopefully checking it twice.

Nothing would be worse for Mets fans this holiday season than getting a manager we don’t want. It was rumored this morning that Brad Ausmus could be one of the newest names on Sandy’s list to replace Collins next year.

Ausmus was let go by the Tigers at the end of this season after they had one of the worst records in baseball. While that’s not exactly alluring for a new manager, it did manage to grab them the number one draft pick next year. That’s not to say Ausmus is a terrible candidate for the job. Obviously, if a manager is available it’s because they were let go by another team. We have to look past the one season of poor production.

The case for a Tiger in New York

In 2014, Ausmus’s first year with the Tigers, they finished first in the AL central, with a record of 90-72. In 2016 they finished second overall in the AL Central with a record of 85-74. It just wasn’t enough to catch the Indians for the Division win or to capture a wildcard spot behind Texas and Boston. In the span of 4 years that Ausmus was at the helm, the Tigers were as a team .268/.328/.427. That isn’t terrible for a team that finished fifth in their division two of those years.

At 48 years old, Ausmus is much younger than Collins. This could really benefit the Mets in the coming years. While he was also someone who didn’t want to get on board with sabermetrics, it seems that in the past two years that started to change. That’s what good managers do. They change and adjust to what’s new and what works. Collin’s was often stuck in his old school mentality, often to the Mets downfall.

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The Mets are not the only team with their eye on Ausmus. Rumors are also floating around that the Red Sox and the Phillies have been connected to him as well. I don’t know about you, but seeing your division rival in that mix isn’t exactly comforting. I’m not saying that should be the only reason to make sure Ausmus comes to New York, but it’s something that needs to be taken into consideration for the seasons to come.