Rising Apple staff’s picks for the 2017 postseason

By Christina Cola
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 01: Corey Seager
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 01: Corey Seager /
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DENVER, CO – OCTOBER 01: Corey Seager
DENVER, CO – OCTOBER 01: Corey Seager /

With our beloved Mets spending the postseason at home (where they can no longer be injured), we decided to take this time to let you know who we’ll be rooting for this post season.

Christina Cola, Editor – Los Angeles Dodgers 

Before every Mets fan on the internet comes after me with pitchforks for this one, let me just start this little blurb off with “I still despise Chase Utley.”  

So why the Dodgers then? Well, for starters, I grew up in Brooklyn. The part of Brooklyn that’s not cool yet and no one knows exists. My Great Uncle Nick was a Dodgers fan in the 50s, and when they left Brooklyn for LA, he refused to become a Yankee fan. Instead, he pledged his loyalty to that new team they called The Metropolitans. Much like the Dodgers, I recently followed suit. I picked up my life in New York and moved to LA.

But aside from my personal history and similarities, I can draw to the team. I genuinely want to see Curtis Granderson win a World Series. Grandy has had a shot at it three times now. With the Detroit Tigers, he fell short and would arrive just a year late to win one with the Yankees. And of course, we all remember what happened in 2015 with the Mets. Grandy always puts in 110% no matter what his numbers say, or how his team is doing. He’s a great man both on and off the field, and I can’t think of any player who deserves a ring more than that guy (Okay fine, David Wright. But then it’s totally Grandy).