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Mets looking into contract extension for Jacob deGrom

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 24: Jacob deGrom
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 24: Jacob deGrom

Grow your hair out in celebration!

It looks like the Mets are getting ready to offer Jacob deGrom a multi-year contract extension this offseason. And of course, they should. DeGrom has been the one consistent factor in the Mets rotation this year.

His spectacular season includes a 15-10 record with a 3.53 ERA. Bonus points for being the only ace that managed to stay healthy. DeGrom has 239 strikeouts on the year in 201.1 innings pitched. But even with this year aside, deGrom’s numbers have always been impressive for the Mets. That’s not something that can really be said about anyone else on the staff right now, except maybe Noah Syndergaard (who I’m hoping will be next on that list of multi-year extensions).

What does this mean? Well, for one, it’s great to see the organization has its priorities in place by wanting to lock down one of their best pitchers. Going forward, it’s going to be key that the team at least holds on to deGrom and Syndergaard. Even if the rest of the rotation is a larger question mark in terms of health and effectiveness, they will at least have two aces to build their offense around. Then, if Harvey, Matz, or Wheeler come back and are suddenly indestructible, it’s an added bonus for the team.

DeGrom really hit his stride this year mid-season when he had won a string of his last 8 starts. The success started when he sought out advice from hall of famer John Smoltz, who recommended that he start throwing a side session every week between starts.

"“I was flying before, I would yank the ball, or I guess I call it pushing it. I would yank it to a right-handed batter then throw it up and away to a lefty. So getting back to getting kind of on top of it, closer to where I need to be, has helped me a lot.”"

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Fans can at least rest easy knowing deGrom should be hanging around for quite some time.