Mets decide to keep Mike Barwis despite DL-ridden season

By Christina Cola
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 25: David Wright
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 25: David Wright /

Every season, the Mets find new and exciting ways to get themselves hurt

A postseason run the previous two years has been marred by the fact that this entire season has been an injury parade. It seems like deja vu from 2009 all over again. The Mets and their fans deserve better.

In true fashion to the organization, they have decided to look the problem in the face, and pretend it’s not happening. This is why they’ve decided to stick with strength and conditioning trainer Mike Barwis. The man that thought it would be best that Yoenis Cespedes, our adonis with glass hamstrings, squat 900lbs in the off season.

"“Mike is not going anywhere,” general manager Sandy Alderson told The Post on Wednesday before the Mets faced the Cubs at Wrigley Field. “Mike is one of our most important staff and resources.”"

It’s true Barwis is not responsible for all Mets injuries this season. He played no part in having Noah Syndergaard show up to spring training like an American gladiator. Sandy Alderson even states that the clip we saw of the 900lb squat was solely for entertainment purposes. That it wasn’t actually part of Cespedes’s off season routine.

"“You can say the team went to the World Series two years ago and the playoffs last year with Barwis, so maybe this is just an anomaly,” another source said."

Sure, you could say that. But at the rate that the Mets make World Series appearances you could also say, that is an anomaly. Seasons where half the team spends time on the DL seem far more common.

In fact in 2014, Bleacher Report posted this article stating that the Mets, had the second most injuries that year. The team was just behind the Brewers around the time Barwis was finishing up his second season with the team.

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With Barwis still around for 2018, we’ll just have to hope for the best. Remember, what doesn’t kill the Mets, will just land them on the DL.