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Mets: Where does Gavin Cecchini fit in 2018?

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 24: Paul Goldschmidt
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 24: Paul Goldschmidt

Gavin Cecchini made is major league debut in September 2016 for the Mets

We only saw him for four games, but in that time he put up some great numbers: .333/.429/.667. Four games is actually a wildly small sample size. But like any good Mets fan, I was planning his Hall of Fame induction in my head.

Cecchini has now played 16 games after being called up in mid-August this year. In that time his numbers look much different than his previous year of success in Triple-A: .213/.245/.277. He hasn’t made a huge impact on this Mets team just yet, but it’s also still far too early to let this be discouraging. 2016 was his best year in the minors so far with an average of .325, this is definitely more of the range that Cecchini is capable of hitting at the plate. And that’s to say, he’s not a slugger.

Cecchini won’t be the 20 + home runs guy. Which may seem odd after the past two years of a Mets team which broke a franchise home run record. But when the Mets weren’t producing on the long ball, they had problems producing runs at all. That’s where offense like Cecchini’s will be important going forward. He’s a singles and doubles type of hitter, which means he definitely has the potential to put up a ton of RBIs. Or perhaps even find a spot as a lead off hitter on some days in place of Brandon Nimmo.

Defensively, Cecchini spent most of his career as a shortstop. The Mets have already made it clear that Amed Rosario has that job for the foreseeable future. Which makes sense seeing as Rosario is a far better defensive shortstop that Cecchini was. According to the scouting report from FanRag Cecchini finished with a career high of 33 errors last season and has difficulty turning over those tougher plays.

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Most of his starts so far this season have been at second base. A position that come spring training he’ll have to fight in order to keep. Wilmer Flores would be one of those other competitors for that position as well as the vets, Reyes and Cabrera, should they choose to stick around. It’s now or never for Cecchini if he wants to cement his spot for 2018.