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Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo making most of additional playing time

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Brandon Nimmo
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Brandon Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo is getting consistent playing time and it looks like he’s got himself in a groove. Over the last 19 games, Nimmo is batting .293 and has a .431 OBP

Once considered a top prospect, Nimmo had yet to make it to the MLB until last season. He batted .273 with a home run. Whether or not he was going to make the 2017 Opening Day roster was a question, until he suffered a knee injury followed by a partially collapsed lung. Alas, after many injuries to Mets outfielders and a healthy Nimmo, he was called upon to start nearly every day.

Nimmo is not known for his power, but he does have one of the best eyes on the team, and consistently gets on base. After going 3-for-4 in Monday’s win against the Phillies, Nimmo once again proved that he is a reliable outfielder, and continues to make a case to make the 2018 Opening Day roster. Regardless of how he ends this season, Nimmo will likely not start next year, though he will be able to consistently stay at the major league level.

Impressively, Nimmo is not bothered by the pressure of what is at stake in terms of his future with the Mets. Instead he is extremely grateful for the opportunities that he has gotten.

“You can’t put too much pressure on [this opportunity] and say this is make-or-break for my career. I am trying to be very grateful about this time and enjoy the heck out of it, because not everybody gets to be an everyday major league player,” Nimmo told the media after the game. It is true, not everybody has a chance to be an everyday major league player, and that includes Nimmo.

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In addition to Nimmo playing everyday due to injuries, he has shown that getting on base is the one way for him to be at the major league level. If he continues to reach base at this pace then there is no doubt Nimmo will be the fifth outfielder for next year’s (hopefully) contending Mets team.