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Mets most disappointing seasons in franchise history

By Sam Maxwell
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey /
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Rich Sparago, Staff Writer: 2009

Until 2017, the most disappointing Mets season for me was 2009. In 2008, the Mets had wilted down the stretch and lost the division to the Phillies, primarily because the Mets’ bullpen was a disaster. Closer Billy Wagner had gone down to Tommy John surgery, and the Mets tried anyone and everyone to close games. The results were not good.

The Mets had apparently fixed that problem in a big way for 2009, signing single-season saves leader Francisco Rodriguez. K-Rod added to a team of stars that included David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and Johan Santana. Sports Illustrated predicted a Mets-Angels World Series. But then the injuries came (doesn’t sound familiar at all, does it?). All of the players mentioned above missed significant time, with Wright’s injury coming as the result of a beaning by Matt Cain. So the team played with the likes of Argenis Reyes, Jeff Francouer, and Corey Sullivan. You know the rest.

What was slated to be the third championship in Queens became a highly forgettable season. So as 2017 continues to unfold, remember that we’ve seen this movie before.