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Mets most disappointing seasons in franchise history

By Sam Maxwell
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey /
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Michelle Ioannou, Editor: 2017

Why am I choosing 2017 over 2009? Well, it was tough. But, following the heartbreak of 2006, and the absolute chokings of 2007 and 2008, I was a bit better prepared to handle 2009. Not fully prepared,  but a bit better. Plus, in all honesty, I was already bitter over watching them knock down Shea Stadium, as I drove by the stadium at least once a week.

2009 was also the year my brother did Make-A-Wish, and we were able to go down to Spring Training and meet the team, so that awesome experience may have a bit of a cloud on my judgement as well. But alas, there was so much potential for this team and the injuries were horrid, it was another bad season after prior bad seasons. However, I will forever be scarred by the fact that I started my freshman year of college and had to deal with the Phillies-Yankees World Series.

I also was a huge Ryan Church fan, so I try and block out as much of 2009 in terms of that as I can.

But 2017, man, we defied the odds last season and made it to the Wild Card! We defied odds in 2015 and made it to the World Series! We had the best starting rotation in baseball! We should have been a shoo-in for the playoffs. But this didn’t happen. And injury after injury did happen. How can an entire rotation, with the exception of Jacob deGrom, go down in ONE season?! Not to mention the rest of the players. All of us had our hopes up, and this season just went the complete opposite of what we all thought it would be.

Aidan Bitterman, Staff Writer: 2017

I started loving the Mets in 2006 when I was 9. It was the first time I ever played little league, and I played for the Mets and it was the beginning of an obsession. The 2006 season was the most heartbreaking Mets year since I became a fan, but 2017 was the first time that they came into the season and I really thought there was no way they wouldn’t win the World Series.

There were no weaknesses for this team coming into the season. The rotation seemed unbeatable. We finally had Zack Wheeler back. The bullpen looked like it was going to be fine. The lineup seemed stacked, going into the season with Michael Conforto as the 4th outfielder. It was the team’s best chance to win it all given how many free agents they were going to have, like Duda, Cabrera, Granderson, Reyes, etc. But absolutely nothing has gone right this season. I don’t remember another season like this since the time I started to follow the team other than 2009, but this season seems way worse because we were in the World Series two years ago and in the postseason last year.