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Mets most disappointing seasons in franchise history

By Sam Maxwell
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Mike Pelfrey /
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JT Teran, Editor: 2017

While the Mets have had more than their fair share of terrible seasons, 2017 has to be the worst. This year has been “The Last Airbender” of Mets seasons in that the expectations for it were placed so high up that the eventual fall has made the difference that much worse.

It hasn’t just been injuries though. What’s made 2017 mind-blowingly bad has been the regression that we saw from a pitching staff that we were sure was going to dominate. From Matt Harvey all of a sudden turning back into a pumpkin, to Robert Gsellman’s disappearance act, the Mets pitching staff has been horrendous all season, and that by itself killed this season.

Kory Powell, Staff Writer: 2017

Being a freshman in college, my Mets fandom only dates back to 2006. While I was there for the collapses of 2007 and 2008 and all the bad memories after that, I have not suffered like the older generations of fans (Believe me, I know there are some unforeseen bad times for me as Mets fan. It’s part of the gig). With that in mind, when I was asked what was the most disappointing season I have gone through, the choice was easy. It is this season without a doubt.

While one could argue all day over the 2009 and 2017 seasons, it was really a no-brainer for me. Eight years ago, I was still an innocent little fan, a kid who loved the game of baseball and loved watching his Mets play.

Sure, it sucked to see Carlos Delgado go down with a hip injury and never play in the majors ever again but it didn’t really impact me. I was going to watch the Mets that night no matter what. If they won that night, great! If they didn’t, oh well. You can’t win them all.
This year, I had high expectations for this team. I was pumped to see what deGrom, Syndergaard and Harvey could do along with Cespedes and Conforto. Nothing has gone according to plan. It’s been awful to watch every night (I sometimes wonder why I am even watching) and by now I’m counting down the days until football. Between the underwhelming performances by some players and the countless injuries just about everything has been disappointing about this season. I just hope it doesn’t get worse than this in the near future.