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Mets hitting the pause button? Seems more like rewind button

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The Mets are selling off their pieces, in what they’ve characterized as “pressing the pause button.”

Shortly after the All-Star Break, Mets GM Sandy Alderson announced that it was likely that the team would go into sell mode “unless things went exceedingly well.” Things did not even go moderately well, so they began selling. Alderson said that selling would not constitute a rebuild, but rather a pressing of the pause button on the team’s desire to contend for years to come.

I don’t know about you, but the Mets’ actions over the last three weeks certainly feel like a complete rebuild to me. Yes, it made sense to move certain veterans, such as Lucas Duda, Addison Reed, Jay Bruce, and Curtis Granderson. But here’s where Alderson’s proclamation breaks down for me.

When I hear “pause button” and “not a rebuild,” I think of a situation where aging veterans with expiring contracts are moved to create spots for players ready, or close to ready, in the organization. To some degree, that did happen. Duda was moved for Dominic Smith. However, the majority over the other moves do not appear to have that rationale.

Who is in the organization to replace Granderson? Who is replacing Bruce? The Mets are devoid of high-level outfield prospects. Those trades seem like thinly-veiled salary dumps. Additionally, these moves took place in August, where the return is often modest, and the trading team is seeking salary relief.