Mets continue the reputation of being “cheap” with recent trades

By Matt Agosta

By becoming sellers at the deadline and beyond, the New York Mets unloaded the contracts of Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, Addison Reed and Lucas Duda

As the Mets continue their reputation of being cheap, New York has sacrificed getting better prospects in exchange for a few less dollars off the books.

Let’s start off with the disaster of deal that was trading Jay Bruce. The Mets gave up a potential outfield tandem of Cespedes-Conforto-Bruce for next year (at least as far as qualifying offer is concerned). With the productivity of Bruce’s bat this season mixed in with Yo and another year’s growth from Conforto, the Mets would have had an outfield with some real power bats.

Unfortunately, GM Sandy Alderson did not see it that way. By shipping Bruce off to Cleveland, Alderson apparently did not see Bruce in the club’s future. That trade alone saved the Mets $3,765,027.  Hopefully the Mets have a change of heart and make a push for him in the off-season.

Next, lets look at the Neil Walker trade.

Details obtained by the AP state that New York saved $3 million from that deal. Walker was owed $4,699,454 and the Mets will pay Milwaukee $1,699,454 on September 30.

Alderson justified the move by saying the trade creates options in the infield for playing time (presumably for Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith).

After hearing this, I agree with Alderson. I would definitely rather have the newly called-up prospects be getting valuable major league at-bats than have a player who may not even sign next year taking away a roster spot.

As for the Duda trade, which was basically a pure salary dump in my eyes, the team cleared another $2,614,754. Tampa took on the full remaineder on the first baseman’s contact.

The Addison Reed trade was similar in the sense that Boston took the rest of Reed’s $7.75 million contract, saving New York $2,262,568.

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Now, were all off the deals horrible? No. I would just be a much happier person if the Mets weren’t so quick to the punch when it came to these salary dumps.