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Mets future centerfield, Michael Conforto?

By James Dececchi
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Michael Conforto has played a solid centerfield for the Mets when put there this season, but is this something the Mets should continue to explore going forward?

Michael Conforto has been great this year for the Mets, culminating in making his first All-Star Game. In addition to his great season at the dish, Conforto has played great outfield defense, mostly in left field, but recently has been seeing more time in center.

Conforto has played only 150.2 innings in centerfield so far this season for the Mets, but he has been better than a lot of people thought he would. He has looked good when asked to play the position, one in which he never really had much experience doing in his career. Last season, Conforto played only 39 innings in center, and in his minor league career he played a grand total of 59 innings there.

According to, he has 0 defensive runs saved on the season. So while he has not excelled out there, he certainly has not been a major detriment. 

The question then is, can the All-Star be a viable option in center for the organization going forward?

One situation that will have an impact on this is what happens with Jay Bruce. Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that the Mets current preference is to trade Curtis Granderson and extend a qualifying offer to Bruce this offseason.

Of course, that could be posturing by the Mets with the trade deadline looming, but it’s a scenario that is worth keeping an eye on. If the Mets don’t move Bruce, and they do offer him a qualifying offer  that he accepts, Conforto is the Mets everyday centerfielder in 2017.

With all of this being said, is making Conforto the centerfielder of the future a good idea? Probably not.

The Mets defense has been awful this season, and hopefully will be a point of focus when trying to improve the team. While the outfield defense has not been nearly as bad as the infield, it would behoove the Mets to acquire a true centerfielder, and move Conforto to a corner spot, in turn improving the overall team.

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It’s been a great season for Conforto and while it is unlikely that he will ever be a full-time centerfielder, he is showing that he can handle it admirably if need be.