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Mets circumstances aren’t right yet evidently for Rosario to be called up

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 10: Amed Rosario
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 10: Amed Rosario

In a press conference on Friday, GM Sandy Alderson said that the “circumstances have to be right” for Amed Rosario to be called up

Oh, I’m sorry, are the circumstances not right now? If the fact that Rosario was selected to the Futures Game, the AAA All-Star game, has fantastic defense and speed, and is Keith Law’s top prospect on his Top 50 prospects list not enough?

Or the fact that he’s hitting .327/.365/.474 with seven home runs, 16 doubles, seven triples, and 52 RBIs not enough? Or the fact that he has 16 stolen bases?

On top of all this, let’s look at the current starting Mets shortstop — no, not Asdrubal Cabrera, Jose Reyes (never forget Cabrera’s move to second, for Reyes). Reyes is hitting .215/.284/.370 with eight home runs, thirteen doubles, four triples, and 29 RBIs.

Yes, yes I know, there’s going to be a handful of you right now who are going on about how minor league numbers shouldn’t be compared to major league numbers. I get the argument. But have you not seen Reyes play this season? It has not been pretty, and that’s putting it nicely.

What better circumstances are needed? The Mets have a losing 39-47 record coming into the second half of the season. They continued to get injured. The team clearly needs some sort of spark, and Rosario can be that spark… just like Reyes has been in the past.

Alderson did elaborate on the circumstances not being right. Here is what he had to say:

"“If we’re playing well, there’s no real urgency to bring him up. If we’re playing poorly, I’d hesitate to bring him up because he’d be looked at as our potential savior. So, it’s kind of a double whammy at the moment.”"

I think I’d use the term “no-brainer” rather than “double whammy,” but that may just be me. Rosario is ready to be in the majors. Not only has he said he is, but he has shown that he is as well.

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Unless Reyes starts playing significantly better, it’s pretty absurd that he continues to be the starting shortstop. And it’s pretty absurd if the Mets continue to make no changes, but hope to magically have a better outcome in the second half of the season than in the first. Something needs to be done, and that  something could very well be Rosario.