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Mets top prospect is ready to be playing in Queens

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Amed Rosario
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Amed Rosario

Amed Rosario is ready to be playing in Queens

The fans know this, both those who have seen him play in person, and those who haven’t. If you were watching the All-Star game, you know that the broadcast booth knew this, as they were singing his praises.

And, Rosario knows this.

His #DontBeSurprisedBeReady hashtag that we all know isn’t a lie. He really is ready. Rosario recently spoke out about how he is ready to play in New York, and how he is ready for the pressure of the city as well.

Going from the minors to the majors is already quite the leap, but when it happens in a big city market, that’s just obviously extra scrutiny on a player.

But again, Rosario is ready. He says he is:

"“I don’t really pay attention to what else is going. I just keep focusing on my work and come everyday to the field and keep working hard. That’s all I can control so that’s what I really focus on. Playing in New York though, that’s going to be a lot of pressure because of it being a big city but I’m ready for it.”"

You’ve heard it from the man himself. But, not only have we now heard that he’s ready through his words, but he’s also told us that he’s ready through his actions.

Rosario played in the AAA All-Star game on Wednesday night. Yes, his bat was a bit quiet, but his defense and his speed both shined through. Additionally, he played in the Futures Game last Sunday. Not too shabby for the 21-year-old.

His play in these games are all just in addition to his phenomenal season so far this year with the Las Vegas 51s. He’s hitting .327 with 113 hits, sixteen doubles, seven triples, and seven home runs. All of this is in addition to 52 RBIs. Yes, 52.

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Why hasn’t Rosario been called up yet? That’s a great question. He’s ready. He’s shown us both with his words, and his play. Are the Mets waiting for the trade deadline to make some sales — or to see if they’re going to be buyers or sellers — before calling up their top prospect? Maybe. We’ll just have to see, and hope that we’ll see Rosario in Queens by the end of the season.