Mets, is it time to part ways with Matt Harvey?

By Josh Vitale
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Matt Harvey’s value isn’t exactly what it was two years ago. Teams would have jumped all over the opportunity to trade for Harvey following the 2015 season, but with Harvey’s recent performance on the field, as well as his activity off the field, has us all wondering what Harvey’s value exactly is right now.

Harvey was once considered the right hand version of Clayton Kershaw. Harvey took the city by storm with his cannon of an arm, accompanied with the his alpha personality. If Harvey were to ever work his way back from his recent string of injuries to regain this form, the Mets would have dealt one of the best pitchers in baseball when his value might have been at it’s lowest.

If the Mets were to move Harvey, they would have also then traded two arms that were once considered to be a part of the future of the franchise — the other arm being Michael Fulmer who the Mets dealt in order to gain Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline in 2015.

I don’t think anyone would say the Fulmer deal was a poor one for the Mets, but if management hangs onto the wrong starting pitchers while dealing the others, it could set the franchise back significantly.

Trading starting pitching in the game today is truly one of the tougher decisions in baseball. With limited top notch arms in baseball general managers across the league are very careful when it comes to acquiring and dealing starting pitching.

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Maybe the Mets should hold on to Harvey hope he can put together a quality rest of the year and move on from there. But Harvey is the land of the lost, no one is quite sure what he might end up becoming, so maybe its best the team start working towards moving Harvey before it’s too late.