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Mets, is it time to part ways with Matt Harvey?

By Josh Vitale
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If Mets management feels as if they have no way of retaining Matt Harvey, who is a free agent at the end of the 2018 season, they should move him quickly. The Mets need to make sure they have a dance partner willing to give quality value for the one time Dark Knight.

The Mets also need to evaluate just what Harvey will be as he works his way back from thoracic outlet syndrome. With limited data on pitchers returning from this type of injury, it might be smartest to cut ties with Harvey before he becomes to much of a risk for other big league clubs to take on.

Harvey has not made it clear that he wants to remain in New York (at least in Flushing). If Harvey does not want to remain with the club, the Mets should move him before this becomes confirmed public knowledge.

You do not want to have a situation like the Indiana Pacers had with Paul George in the NBA this season, where you can not deal a player because everyone knows he won’t resign with the club and elect to become a free agent either way.