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Mets, is it time to part ways with Matt Harvey?

By Josh Vitale
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In the words of Mike Francesa “Black Knight, Dark Knight, Good Night!”

The New York Mets seemed to be getting over the hump when it came to drama within the organization. The team was starting to perform on the field and the Noah Syndergaard medical issue was on its way towards being resolved. But when it comes to the Mets never say die, for you never know just what might be next.

Matt Harvey‘s recent suspension is sort of a mystery. We all have our assumptions, but a recent string of vague tweets have us all wondering how serious Harvey’s actions were. When it comes to Harvey and the Mets, it’s hard to speculate, for the relationship has been so tumultuous. Harvey is even filing a grievance against his team due to the suspension.

Whatever Harvey might have done can not be changed, and since the relationship between Harvey and the Mets is moving its way towards being beyond repair, it might be time the Mets consider moving the 28-year-old right hander.

When it comes to trading the one time ace of the rotation there are a variety of pros and cons that make this such a tough decision.