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Mets ace Noah Syndergaard wants to pitch more like Bartolo Colon

By Michelle Ioannou

Same, Thor, same. I want to be more like Bartolo Colon as well.

Hello to all of you readers and welcome back to another “Michelle writes about Colon and is going to get called out on social media for being too emotional” post! To be clear, this time, it’s not me stating that I want to be more like Colon. It’s Noah Syndergaard saying it. He wants to be more like Colon.

Syndergaard looked fantastic on Wednesday’s start. He didn’t allow a run in 2.1 innings and his fastball hit 100 mph multiple times. But, that’s not enough for the Mets ace, obviously.

We already knew that Syndergaard wanted to throw harder this spring and wanted to work on that. But, after Wednesday’s game, he stated that he also wants to work more on throwing like Colon. No, not throw like Colon in the sense that Colon barely cracks 90 mph, but he wants his delivery — that seemingly effortless and straightforward delivery.

Syndergaard had the following to say about Colon’s pitching:

"“He’s very light on his feet.”“Where he would land, there would be essentially no foot mark because he would land so soft. That’s what I’m trying to get to.”"

We already knew that Syndergaard looked up to Colon, and loved him as much as the fans did. It’s also great that he’s still looking to him for inspiration and to improve himself, even though Colon hurt us all by leaving.

Syndergaard made his upset over Colon now being on the Braves known.

He was quite vocal when the Braves already started trolling us over Colon:

And he let his feelings known on that sad day that was November 11, 2016:

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Colon was a great pitcher for the Mets. He was a constant, and could be relied on, especially during an injury-plagued 2016 season. His delivery was everything described above, and it makes sense that Syndergaard is vocal about wanting to mimic that.

Maybe Colon came help him out himself when he comes back to the team in July…