Mets prospect Luis Guillorme makes best catch of the game, of a bat

In Thursday’s Spring Training game against the Marlins, Mets prospect Luis Guillorme made the best catch of the game… of a bat from the dugout.

That’s right, Luis Guillorme caught a flying bat. While in the dugout. Casually saving the lives of his fellow teammates no big deal.

The Marlins shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria was at the plate facing starter Robert Gsellman. While swinging, he lost his grip on the bat, in turn sending it directly towards the Mets dugout. Instead of running away, Guillorme calmly caught it out of mid-air as though it was an easy pop-up.

Watch it for yourself here:

It’s one of the most nonchalant acts you can see. Guillorme thinks nothing of the fact that a bat is currently flying at him except for that he needs to catch it.

Well, that’s one way to impress the club (and all of MLB) right?

But seriously, let’s watch it again:

It’s just such a casual move, I can’t get over it. His reaction post catch is terrific too. He sort of smiles, but then just tosses it back towards the batter’s box.

According to Guillorme’s scouting report, it says that the Mets’ No. 17-ranked prospect has “the fastest hands in the system.” Well, no one can argue that right now as he’s surely showing them off here.

Okay, here it is one last time, in gif form now.

It was literally the play of the game. It’s gonna be great to eventually see this kid in the big leagues. This catch will definitely not soon be forgotten.

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