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Mets games will be live streamed by SNY in 2017


Ah, technology, making things more convenient for all of us. This upcoming season, SNY will live stream Mets games.

In a press release from SNY on Wednesday morning, the network stated that all of their Mets regular season games will be streamed live, as well as their pre-game and post-game shows, all on and the NBC Sports App. Well, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, I suggest you get to it!

This streaming will come at no extra cost to authenticated SNY subscribers. If you’re like me and read that and aren’t entirely sure what it meant, you can also click here for some clarity, and to make sure you are.

Basically, “if you are an SNY subscriber via a participating video provider…you will be able to access Mets content.” So in short terms, if your cable provider has SNY, you’re good.

Now in the past this was exclusive to whether or not you were watching in an area where you would be able to watch Mets baseball on television. Now, it doesn’t matter where in the United States you are, you can still stream the game live. If you travel a lot for work, this sounds like it’s perfect for you (assuming you’re not traveling internationally too much, of course).

The President of SNY, Steve Raab, had the following to say regarding this move:

"“As we prepare for another season of Mets baseball, it was very important to us at SNY that we have a streaming component ready for our fans in time for Opening Day. With this service now in place, we are excited to expand SNY’s scope and to deliver exclusive Mets coverage to our dedicated fans both at home and on the go.”"

This all sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Come to think about it, now we can all watch those daytime Mets games from the cubical. There’s no reason to miss a game now — well, almost no reason.

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Opening Day is April 3rd. Noah Syndergaard will be on the mound. And you’ll be able watch it regardless of where in the country you are at.