Mets fans, there’s more to the Bobby Valentine disguise story

By Michelle Ioannou

Mets fans will never forget the Bobby Valentine disguise story.

But, on Sunday at the Queens Baseball Convention, we found out there’s more to the story. I mean, you all may have known this already but I personally hadn’t, and it honestly may be one of the best things I’ve ever found out.

Bobby Valentine will forever be one of my favorite managers — maybe it’s because I was a little eight year old girl who loved the fact that her coach stood up for her favorite player, who knows. But when Valentine started his panel off by talking about the disguise, I was in heaven.

Now, what did we find out? Well, Valentine was angry, but he didn’t want to get thrown out of the game. He even stated how he asked, “Can I get thrown out for what I’m thinking?” at the time, because that’s how angry he was (and well, Mets fans I know you were just as angry).

Well as we all know, Valentine did end up getting thrown out of the game. He went into the clubhouse yelling, especially as he was unsure of who would manage the team in his absence. The Mets needed to win this game as they were in quite the rough patch at the time (five-game losing streak).

Well, Valentine wasn’t alone in the clubhouse, as another player had already been taken out of the game. He had an accomplice, and that accomplice was Robin Ventura.

Ventura basically told Valentine he needed to get back out there any way he could. “If you take off your jersey no one will know it’s you” said Ventura, as recalled by Valentine. Ventura also gave him the sunglasses to wear.

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I’m still not entirely sure where the mustache came from, but how cool is it to find out that Ventura was involved? It was just such a great a little tidbit to find out.