Mets fans share their thoughts on new alternate caps

Attention everyone, in case you didn’t hear, the Mets will have a new hat this upcoming season.

As seen in a tweet on Monday by uniform insider Paul Lukas, founder of, the Mets are going from the blue hat with an orange rim that we were all used to, to a blue brim now — yes, an all blue hat minus the Mets logo itself. This hat will continue to be used as their alternate home cap.

Personally, I liked the orange brim – I mean, we do bleed blue and orange right?! Plus, this one looks a bit familiar…..that’s right, the Mets primary cap is all blue as well. Now what’s the difference between the two? This alternate cap outlines the NY logo in white.

Wow, what a difference! (Yes, this is sarcasm).

We asked for your thoughts on the new hat via Twitter Monday morning. Here’s what some of you had to say:

No one above seems to be head over heels for it, but a good mix of responses nonetheless. Will you go out and purchase this new hat? Personally, I’m not planning on it.