Mets captain David Wright still has “some good baseball” in him

In the latest David Wright update, the Mets captain speaks out about this upcoming season, and his comeback.

Most Mets fans want Wright back on the field this season. The captain himself wants to be back on the field this season, but he’s also quite realistic. He spoke to The Post Friday night about all of this.

To give fans hope, there’s this comment from Wright:

“It’s not just to stay healthy, it’s to be productive, I have to go out there and do what I’m capable of doing. I think I really have some good baseball left in me.”

Yes, I think you have some good baseball left in you too Wright! That’s encouraging to hear, for sure. He adds on to this encouragement by stating that there’s a “fire burning” inside of him and that he’s planning on doing his best to get the Mets back to the World Series. I sure hope so!

Unfortunately, then comes the not so encouraging statements from Wright. Despite Terry Collins seeing him play “as often as four out of every five game,” Wright isn’t so sure.

“I can’t tell you how many games I am going to play. I hope to be ready for spring training, that’s my goal, but I can’t tell you I can play this many games. I don’t know when my back is going to flare up.’’

Ughhhhhh. I mean, I know Wright is being realistic, and I understand that’s totally fair, but I just want the captain healthy and back on the field. We know he wants to play, we know he wants a World Series — and he deserves one.

Wright also went on to state that people have actually come up to him to ask him if he still plays baseball. Reading him say that actually broke my heart a bit.

Right now Wright feels good though, and let’s just hope this continues.