Mets starter Jacob deGrom talks rotation, friendship, and 2017 season

By Michelle Ioannou

The Mets starting pitcher is the latest to talk about the rotation and this upcoming 2017 season.

Ron Darling has already come out to say that the Mets rotation will have a magical season. And I just chatted with Nelson Figueroa at his charity event about the starting rotation. Now current starter Jacob deGrom is the latest to speak about it.

DeGrom, whose 2016 season ended early, has been throwing for about five weeks now. He is currently healthy and expects to be all set for Spring Training — in fact he’s already in Florida.

As we know very well, he was not alone in suffering from injuries last year, with the majority of his fellow starters joining him. DeGrom had the following to say to Newsday:

"“I think it’s obvious and we don’t need to talk about it. Harvey going down, Wheeler trying to recover from Tommy John. It’s like, man, can we catch a break? I think everybody wants to stay healthy but we haven’t been able to. Hopefully this is the year that we do. It’s just wishing everybody the best and hoping that they’re healthy for this year.’’"

He then went on to also talk about how the starting rotation are “all very good friends.” This supports Noah Syndergaard‘s statement from last month that they’re a “tight-knit brotherhood” that roots for one another. Well, deGrom had something quite similar to say:

"“We’re all rooting for each other. We’re definitely excited. Hopefully this is the year that happens.’’"

DeGrom and the Mets recently avoided arbitration,  agreeing to a one-year deal worth $4.05 million. The starter is happy with it and reiterated how much he loves playing in New York.

"“I’ve said before I enjoy playing in New York. The fans are great. I wouldn’t mind spending my whole career there.’’"

We wouldn’t mind having you here for your career either, deGrom. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this season — I’m ready for some prime deGromination once again. I want to see a healthy deGrom, and I want to see a healthy and dominant starting rotation.

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Have I said this before? Probably. Definitely. Yes, I have. But it’s the truth. And it’s being acknowledged by the likes of Darling, Figueroa, and of course the starters themselves.

Is it April 3rd yet? I’m ready for the season to start.