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Five different types of Mets fans you’ll see in 2017

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MLB: New York Mets at Tampa Bay Rays
MLB: New York Mets at Tampa Bay Rays

The Terry Collins haters/apologists

In 2017, Terry Collins will manage the Mets for the 8th straight year. To say that fans have a love/hate relationship with Terry would be an understatement. While he regularly makes moves that will leave most fans scratching their collective heads, there is no doubt that he has kept this team focused through major adversities over the last few seasons.

Mets fans of the die-hard variety tend to either love or hate Collins — there isn’t much in between. For many, his questionable moves lead to by-the-minute second-guessing each day. These Terry-haters mostly reside on Twitter. There are multiple accounts mocking Terry Collins across twitter and he trends pretty well during any Mets game.

Shockingly, a Terry apologist contingency has risen up to counteract the haters. They constantly cite upper management, injuries, or lack of talent to give Terry a singing review. This type of fan is someone you are more likely to come across in Facebook groups or message boards. They can be frustrating if you fixate on the moves Terry makes but they can also sometimes have a point.

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