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Five different types of Mets fans you’ll see in 2017

By Darren Martino
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MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Mets
MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Mets /

The Optimist

This is a rare breed of Mets fans because the fanbase has been so entrenched in disappointment. But they do exist, and for some, can come across as more annoying than the pessimists.

Always viewing the team through rose-colored glasses is something in my opinion, reserved for the casual fan or the newbie. I don’t know how they do it otherwise.

The optimistic Mets fan bucks traditional convention. If you find yourself in a conversation with one of these types, you will hear some of the most outlandish predictions. “I think Granderson is primed for an MVP-type year.” “David Wright is going to be back to his All-Star self this year.”

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if you could believe these statements as easily as the optimist does. If an optimist ever wants to make a bet with you, take it. Worst case scenario is that something unprecedented and great happens.

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