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Five different types of Mets fans you’ll see in 2017

By Darren Martino
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MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies
MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies /

The Pessimist

Let’s be honest, do you know many Mets fans that don’t fit into this category? The pessimistic Mets fan takes many forms. This team has broken many a heart over the past 30 years. Where to begin? How about unmet expectations i.e. Generation K and the dynasty of the late 80’s that never was.

There’s been no shortage of crushing collapses (see 2007 and 2008). Brutal losses have been aplenty, like Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, Luis Castillo‘s dropped pop-up against the Yankees, and every loss in 2015’s World Series. There have been countless others. Really, no one loses in more grandiose fashion than the Mets.

There just seems to be a plethora of bad karma around the Mets and many fans buy into that negative aura with their view of the team. The mindset of the pessimistic Mets fan is based in Murphy’s law (no pun intended). If something can go wrong with the Mets, it will happen, guaranteed. Bring in an all-star like Jason Bay, Mo Vaughn, or Roberto Alomar (just scratching the surface), you will get their worst season ever without doubt. Get rid of a utility guy like Justin Turner or Daniel Murphy and watch them turn into perennial all-stars almost immediately.

It’s easy to understand where the pessimistic Mets fan is coming from, even a more positive fan has his/her doubts when things go well. We are a fan base always waiting for the other shoe to drop. That is because we’ve seen it happen too many times before.

The pessimistic Mets fan does come in a few flavors however. There is the skeptical fan (see above), the downer (something is going good? “He’ll get hurt,” one might say). Far below, there is the internet Mets troll.

The trolls are sometimes real Mets fans and other times, they are fans of other teams mocking the Mets. Whatever their goal may be, Mets message boards are full of these them. They are not just pessimistic but outright nasty about it, almost to the point that if something goes well, it will seemingly make them angry. Things going right is the only time these fans go into hiding. Keep your encounters with them to a minimum as they are toxic.

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