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Mets want two prospects for Jay Bruce

By Michelle Ioannou

In the latest ‘Jay Bruce is still on the Mets’ news, the team is reportedly looking to trade the OF for two prospects.

The Philadelphia Phillies have shown their interest in Bruce. I am okay with them showing interest in Bruce — in fact this is one of the few players I am okay with sending down to Philly. However, according to CSN Philadelphia, the Mets want two prospects in return.

Oh. So we won’t be getting an actual center fielder, or a lefty reliever, or a late-inning reliever, despite many of you on Twitter noting that this was the biggest Mets need for the upcoming season.

Instead, the Mets want prospects. Well, this actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise as back in December we wrote about how the Mets were likely to get prospects for Curtis Granderson or for Bruce.

However, back then, this was because teams that were interested in either were willing to mainly part with prospects. Now, prospects are what Sandy Alderson is looking for.

The perks of wanting prospects? Obviously stacking their farm system — both in terms of future players and having the prospects to set up trades with other teams.

Now back to Philadelphia’s interest in Bruce. The Phillies are “unlikely to part with any prospects as they continue to build for the future,” according to the New York Daily News. So there goes that.

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The outfield is crowded, we know this. But we also know that just the other day Alderson said that it’s possible Bruce will still be in spring training with the team. This in turn raises the question, can the Mets actually be able to benefit from him?

I mean, I’m not optimistic. He’s not needed — he should be dealt before the season starts.