Mets and Josh Edgin settle on a new contract

By JT. Teran

The Mets have settled with another possible bullpen piece for the upcoming 2017 season.

Josh Edgin and the New York Mets have settled on a new deal for the 2017. Adam Rubin of ESPN is reporting that the two sides have agreed before the negotiations get thrown to an arbiter next month. Rubin did not provide a specific monetary figure, but Edgin was projected to land around $800,000 for his services.

Should Edgin land what he’s projected to make, it’d be a little bit of a raise for him. The Amazin’s and Edgin avoided arbitration last year with a $625,000 deal.

As far as outlooks for 2017, the 30-year-old will look to land a spot on the Mets bullpen this upcoming season. It’s likely to be a very competitive camp for bullpen spots, but the need for a lefty with some Major League experience is there, so he’ll definitely be in the mix for a job.

With Edgin settled, the Mets now have 5 players still on the block for arbitration.

This offseason, the Mets front office has been pretty strict about their deadline for negotiations when it comes to arbitration-eligible players. According to Sandy Alderson, if a deal doesn’t get done by the Friday, 1pm deadline, the Mets have no problem waiting out the process until a hearing with an arbiter takes place.

While this isn’t a big deal because the Mets and the players know where they’ll be next season, it could put a constraint on where and how much the team can spend until all these guys are locked.

Someone like Addison Reed, for example, is likely to get twice as much money in 2017 as last season when he made $5.3 million. Could the arbiter give him less or more? That’s definitely a possibility.

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While the deadline has already passed, it’s possible the deals have already gotten done within the necessary time frame and we’re just waiting to hear more about the details now. We’ll keep sharing the news as it comes in.