Mets Captain David Wright seen swinging a baseball bat

The latest David Wright news is here, and this time we see it with our own two eyes. That’s right, it’s in video form.

On December 27th at approximately 5:14 PM, when many of us Mets fans were probably in a post-holiday ball on our beds or couch (well, at least I was), unbeknownst to most of us, our Captain David Wright was out there swinging a baseball bat.

That’s right, the Captain lives, and seeing him actual swing a bat is one of the best rehab updates we have received so far.

The Hampton Roads Sports Academy, a baseball training academy in Wright’s hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, posted the following video on their Facebook page:

There he is! He’s swinging! And it looks good! Man I wish I was in Virginia to have seen this in person.

I’m excited. I’m so excited about this. Yes, I know that Wright is not 100 percent and will not be back to his old self, but this video is great. What’s better than seeing the Captain in action, preparing for the season?

It’s been quite the long road for Wright as we discussed in our 2016 season in review of him. Between suffering a herniated disc in his neck last year, and being diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2015, it has not been a great couple of seasons for Wright in the slightest. He has not been on the field nearly as much as we want him to be or need him to be.

This video is a glimmer of hope that maybe the Captain will have a healthy season, or as healthy as he can be. Maybe he will reach Terry Collins‘ goal of having him play in 130 games this upcoming season, or at least come significantly closer to it than he did last year. We can only hope.

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