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Mets Season in Review: Travis d’Arnaud

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Areas to improve upon

Jul 2, 2016; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets catcher Travis d
Jul 2, 2016; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets catcher Travis d

D’Arnaud needs to literally improve in every phase of the game going forward.

In our Rising Apple Christmas Special, the guys and I pointed out that catcher is the Mets’ biggest worry going into the 2017 season, and that’s mainly because of d’Arnaud’s inability to play at the level a lot of us believe he should be at.

Travis’ biggest need is obviously staying healthy. In the last three years, the most amount of games he’s been able to play at the Major League level is 108, and that was in 2014. The last two seasons, he’s played 67 and 75 games respectively. That’s just not okay for a player that’s being counted on for a starting job.

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Like with Mets’ captain David Wright, if d’Arnaud can stay healthy, I believe the offensive numbers will be there.

D’Arnaud also needs to improve on his throwing ability. In 2016, d’Arnaud had 61 bases stolen while he was behind the plate. He only caught 17 would-be base stealers, which gave him a 22 percent caught-stealing rate – about five percent less than the league average.

While it’s a known fact that Mets pitchers, in particularly Noah Syndergaard, struggle to keep runners close to the bag, a better throwing performance from d’Arnaud would have still helped. Rene Rivera, for example, threw out 30 percent of base runners in 2016.

If Travis’ arm is healthy enough going into the season, his defensive side should also be worked on this spring.