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Mets: Jeurys Familia’s attorney thinks court outcome can result in no suspension

By JT. Teran

The Mets organization is awaiting to hear from Major League Baseball.

Mets closer Jeurys Familia‘s alleged domestic violence case was dismissed early Thursday morning by a judge in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The decision came after the prosecution recommended the case be tossed. State prosecutor Arthur Balsamo spoke with Bianca Rivas, Jeurys’ wife, and determined this was the best course of action going forward.

Unlike with other cases of suspected domestic abuse, Familia’s situation seems to be working out a bit differently.

At Thursday’s court hearing, the prosecutor shared that the scratches and bruises present on Rivas’ person had explanations other than assault. The prosecutor said one of those was likely caused by their 18-month-old son, and not in an altercation between Familia and his wife.

As far as the picture of the knives goes, the prosecutor explained those were used by Familia as a wedge for the bathroom door to barricade himself in after the argument. Not going to lie, that is pretty strange, but again he was allegedly drunk. The prosecutor also noted that Rivas was not concerned about the knives at any point according to her testimony.

Familia’s case has also been expunged from the record officially which is different, for example, than Jose Reyes‘ case which was settled and not erased from public record. According to Familia’s attorney, Jay Reisinger, this could help him avoid suspension. “That’ll weigh with the MLB lawyers,” he said when speaking about potential disciplinary action.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible that the Mets closer will face some type of reprimand from MLB. While he may not get the 52-game suspension that Reyes received, or even the 30-day one that Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman was given, some insiders believe the 911 calls made that night by Rivas that say how drunk Familia was gives MLB enough reason to impose a penalty.

“My husband had a little bit of alcohol and he’s going crazy,” Bianca Rivas is heard saying in one of these calls. The audio of the calls can be heard here via

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As far as the Mets organization goes, they’re still waiting to see how things develop before commenting further on the situation. They released a small statement confirming that saying, “We will await the outcome of MLB’s investigation.”

We’ll be waiting to see what happens as well.