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Mets manager Terry Collins sets goal for David Wright in 2017

By JT. Teran

The Mets captain is attempting a big comeback in 2017, and the team looks to be confident that he’ll be there injury-free.

Mets manager Terry Collins spoke with reporters on Tuesday about New York’s third baseman and captain, David Wright. While we had already found out that David will begin baseball activities this month, the Amazin’s skipper gave us a little nugget about how the organization looks at his potential in 2017. Spoiler alert: I’m excited, but also nervous.

According to’s Anthony DiComo, Collins said he sees Wright playing “as often as four out of every five games.” That works out to about 130 games in a 162-game season. If you’re thinking that goal sounds familiar, you’d be right. The Mets were hoping David would play in around 130 games in 2016 coming off that previous year’s injury. Of course, we all know how that played out. Hopefully this time, the Mets top brass is more on the money.

A goal like this is ambitious, to say the least, but honestly, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if David is able to pull it off. Granted, back injuries are scary and unpredictable, but the man is a beast. His work ethic, and regimen to stay on the field is insane. You can’t help but pull for him, not only because he’s such an important part of the Mets organization, but also because he’s just a great example for the game in general.

If worse comes to worst, the Mets are thankfully somewhat well set up to replace Wright. Even though Jose Reyes will be taking reps in the outfield this spring, he’s still more comfortable in the infield, specifically on the left side. Reyes did a great job holding down the fort in Wright’s absence, so the same should be expected in 2017 if the captain falls to injury again.