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Mets: Former outfielder Lenny Dykstra talks umpires, steroids, Terry Collins, and more on The Jake Brown Show

By JT. Teran

Former Mets great Lenny Dykstra is not exactly a Terry Collins fan.

You can love him or hate him, but Lenny Dykstra will forever be linked to the 1986 World Champion New York Mets, and as such, his take on the Amazin’s and the world in general will always grab our attention.

“Nails” was recently featured on The Jake Brown Shown, and had some pretty great quotes that we felt that we needed to share with you all.

On umpires (4:28):

"“I knew I could play… but I knew as you move up the pitchers get so good that these borderline pitches are gonna get called strikes… I know some of them like to gamble, their blood is red just like ours.”"

On steroids and drugs (6:30):

"“I’d make an appointment… I have a chance to make $30 million but I need to stay durable…I need something to keep me strong… He gave me a prescription, I waited in line at Rite Aid, picked it up over the counter”"

continued (7:14):

"“My speech right now probably sounds like I’m hammered, but it’s because I have no teeth… Drugs are over and by the way they should be over…How in the fuck are the three best players in the history of baseball not in the hall of fame? Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Pete Rose. Pete was incredible…My best year when I led the league in at bats and walks I had 197 hits. He had 200 hits for 20 years! Take Bonds first ten years in Pittsburgh and his stats were 5th best overall…"

On the high of baseball (12:32):

"“When you hit a home run on a Saturday, and your team is waiting for you at home plate. That’s something you can’t describe. I mean, that’s better than any drug I’ve ever taken, any p***y I’ve ever gotten. It’s fact. You can’t explain it.”"

On the Mets clubhouse in 1986 (14:00):

"“The Mets had stories about oh I caught a ten foot fish and stuff like that. I never saw drugs. Yeah Doc and Daryll had their dance with the devil but I never saw that in the clubhouse.”"

On Terry Collins (38:45):

"“As long as Terry Collins is there, they’ll lose… At our 30 year reunion he’s shaking everone’s hand… I said you’re lucky you got good f***ing pitching…he was the manager in Houston and had Bagwell and Biggio those guys hated him, so I don’t know how he has a job if you can’t win with those guys…”"

On baseball culture (41:38):

"“Now all the bull****… everyone’s saying “hey, how you doing?”… They’re talking to each other on opposing teams. They’re praying or whatever they’re doing, I don’t know. Which is fine, I just don’t know what they’re praying to.”"

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