Mets former player news: Twins hire Michael Cuddyer

By Michelle Ioannou

That’s right, the former Mets OF Michael Cuddyer is now part of the Twins organization.

The Minnesota Twins announced today that Cuddyer is one of three that have been hired as special assistants in their baseball operations department. The other two that were hired are Torii Hunter, who was on the Twins from ’97-’07 and LaTroy Hawkins who played for the Twins from ’95-’03. Do these names sound familiar?

Well, they all played together on the Twins for at least a little bit.

As Cuddyer played from the Twins from ’01-11, this hiring makes sense. The Twins chose three long-time players to work within their organization. Additionally, all three of these players retired after the 2015 season.

When Cuddy announced last December that he was retiring with one year left in his contract with the Mets, I had hoped that they would find a place for him within the Mets organization. He was just such a veteran figure that he definitely made an impact in the clubhouse. On the field however, is a different story.

In his 117 games his last season with the Mets, Cuddy hit .259 with only 10 home runs and 41 RBIs.

Cuddy had the following to say, which may sting Mets fans a bit, but hey we have to understand right?

"“The Twins have always been in my heart. To be able to give back to the organization that gave me my start and gave me every opportunity to have the career that I had, not just as a baseball player but as a man, (is important). I think that’s something that all three of us can bring, not just life experiences on the baseball field but also off the baseball field.”"

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I’m happy for Cuddy, I really am. I’m glad to see him still involved in baseball, and if it’s not for my team, I’m glad it’s for a team that he spent so much time on.