What would a Mets themed prom proposal look like in 2009?

Prom proposals are all of a sudden all the rage, and Mets themed ones are no different.

Gone are the days where you were simply asked “hey, do you want to go to prom with me?” Instead, it’s now a big ordeal. Boys and girls have gotten witty when asking another to prom, and in most cases it’s become a pretty big show. Naturally, Mets fans have gotten witty when asking each other to prom, as we saw on social media. Earlier this month, thanks to Twitter, we saw a great punny ask that said:

“You’re my #1 like Harvey, so it’d only be Wright if we Met at Prom!
Cesped[YES]         [K] like deGrom

How clever, right?

Naturally I saw this and immediately texted my prom date. Lucky for me, I went with my best friend of twenty years, a fellow Mets fan, so he’s used to my insanity by now. Of course I asked why I did not get a similar Mets themed prom proposal seven years ago when we were high school seniors. Well, after being reminded about how horrific the 2009 Mets were, I got my (very, very delayed) Mets themed prom proposal. Get ready, because you’re about to see some names of players you probably forgot about.

It would be Niese if you would Tholetally would go to prom with me, Maine.
I’m the Wright choice cause I ain’t no Putz.
You’re Pelfrey for me even though you don’t go to Church.

Ah, sweet sweet memories of the 2009 Mets! Jon Niese, Josh Thole, John Maine, David Wright, J.J. Putz, Mike Pelfrey and my favorite player at the time, Ryan Church – what a team. In case you don’t remember, this Mets team finished 4th in the NL East and ended with a record of 70-92.  So glad the dog days are over.

My, how the times have changed in just seven years, and how the Mets have thankfully changed as well. I did get a laugh out of this throwback, and hope you did as well. High school students, please keep the Mets themed prom proposals coming.