Mets: Yoenis Cespedes torn between Nats offer and staying in New York

By Danny Abriano

Cespedes appeared to be headed to the Nats on Thursday, but the plot thickened

Yoenis Cespedes is torn between a five-year offer from the Nationals and his desire to remain with the Mets, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, who cites two sources with knowledge of Cespedes’ thinking.

Rosenthal says that the Mets are scheduled to speak with Cespedes’ agents on Friday and expands on the potential of Cespedes remaining in New York:

"Why would Cespedes agree to a lesser commitment when he already is 30 and several teams are wary of signing him long-term in the current market?Perhaps he would be comfortable with the difference in money if, say, the Nationals offered five years, $80 million, and the Mets proposed say, three years, $65 million.And perhaps he figures that if an opt-out clause from the Nationals would enable him to become a free agent after say, two years, he might as well just accept the shorter deal from the Mets."

Rosenthal goes on to say that Cespedes enjoyed his time with the Mets and suggests that he might not be comfortable in Washington, a team that was dysfunctional in 2015.

On Thursday, Jon Heyman reported that the Nats were trying to close out a deal with Cespedes and Rosenthal later noted that they had a five-year offer on the table, though the dollar amount was not disclosed.

The Mets have been rumored as willing to offer as much as $60 million over three years to Cespedes, but have reportedly not made a formal offer.

I would love nothing more than for this diatribe I wrote about the Mets and Cespedes a few hours ago to be rendered moot. It would mean the Mets stepping up, though, and it remains to be seen if they will.

Things were bad enough on Thursday when Mets fans simply thought they were going to lose Cespedes to the Nationals. Now, with it coming out in public that Cespedes is hesitant to sign with the Nats because he wants to be a Met and that he might actually take less to stay, the Mets simply have to get a deal done.

It was a bit puzzling that Cespedes hadn’t sealed the deal with the Nats, but Rosenthal’s report gives us the potential reason why he hasn’t.

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The Mets, coming off a World Series appearance and with the best starting rotation in baseball, have a game-changing player who is practically begging them to bring him back. And they need to get it done.