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Mets agree to two-year extension with Terry Collins

By Danny Abriano

The Mets have agreed to a two-year contract extension with manager Terry Collins, with an announcement coming on Wednesday during an 11 a.m. press conference at Citi Field.

Collins, 66, led the Mets to the National League Pennant this past season, which was also the Mets’ first winning season since he took over as manager in 2011.

After sweeping the Cubs in the NLCS, the Mets lost to the Royals in five games in the World Series.

The Mets held an option on Collins for 2016, but this is a new deal, with Collins getting a raise as part of it.

Collins said during the postseason that he would likely only manage one or two more years, so the assumption is that this will be it for Collins regardless of how the Mets perform over the duration of his new deal.


Once the Mets won the NL East for the first time since 2006, Collins returning was a foregone conclusion, and it’s a testament to him that he kept this team motivated during both good times and bad — especially earlier in 2015 when their offense was historically bad.

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The issue with Collins, though — as it is with most managers in baseball — is that his in-game maneuvers often leave a lot to be desired.

After pressing all the right buttons in the NLDS and NLCS, Collins had a poor World Series against the Royals, allowing Michael Cuddyer to have three at-bats as the Mets lost Game 1, turning to Tyler Clippard in the eighth inning of Game 4, and sticking with Matt Harvey too long in the ninth inning of Game 5.

However, it’s hard to find a manager who has the respect and admiration of his players, who handles the media adeptly, and who has actually made positive changes as his career has evolved. Collins checks off all three boxes.